Ambassador Program Updates 2024

We at Colored Organics, want to thank you for your ongoing support of our company and for being a part of our Ambassador Community. With all the new collections, growing community, and updates in social media, we are excited to share that changes are coming to the CO Ambassador Program!

Starting on Wednesday, May 3rd, our Ambassador Program will no longer be through Shopify Collabs but instead through Aspire. With Aspire, you will now have access to see what is needed to complete requirements for future gifts, track insights, and shop gift sets more easily.

Steps to Get Started:

  1. Fill out the form with updated information
  2. Read through the brief/expectations
  3. Receive your new affiliate link
  4. Select your product for Gift Set 3 - Seersucker, Chambray, Waffle, and French Terry Collections
  5. Receive new products in the mail and share them on social

Get Started with Aspire

The CO Ambassador Program has received a little facelift as well! Updates to our program include:

  • New Affiliate Links for Earning Commission: Starting on May 3rd, we will no longer be using discount codes for sharing. You will still have an affiliate link to share with your followers that offers 15% off when used.
  • Commission Scale Restructuring: Our commission scale will be based on the number of followers on the Ambassador's Instagram account.
  • Gift Amount Restructuring: Our gifting credit amounts will no longer be based on child or family size but on the number of followers on the Ambassador's Instagram account.
  • Bonus Ambassador Only Discount Code: In addition to the gift credit per launch, Ambassadors will now receive an exclusive discount code for 20% off for use on orders placed at any time.
  • Custom 15% off affiliate link to share with your followers*one-time use for customers

  • 30-day cookie for your unique affiliate link

  • Gift with each collection launch (excludes bundles & Brands We Love items)

  • Ambassador-only discount code: 20% off MSRP CO items (excludes bundles, Brands We Love items & cannot be combined with other offers)

  • Competitive bonus structure based on performance

  • Sneak peek at future collections

  • Easily shareable design assets to engage with your followers


Ambassadors can earn commission based on the follower counts below:

  • Nano: 0-4,999 followers will earn 5% commission

  • Micro: 5,000-49,999 followers will earn 8% commission

  • Mid: 50,000- 99,999 followers will earn 10% commission

  • Macro: 100,000+ followers will earn 12% commission


Amounts gifted per launch will be based on the following:

  • Nano: $50 Gift Credit

  • Micro: $100 Gift Credit

  • Mid: $150 Gift Credit

  • Macro: $200 Gift Credit


To remain eligible for new collection gifts, you must:

  • Post an in-feed photo or reel of your children in their new CO clothing and tag @coloredorganics

  • Help us spread the news about one CO sale, collection launch, or product feature, and tag @coloredorganics in the story

  • Share your ambassador affiliate link (stories, link in bio, LTK, etc.)

  • Minimum of 3 commission-earning sales every 30-day period.

  • Where can I find my new affiliate code to share with my audience?
    Our custom affiliate code for tracking sales commissions is discontinued. Instead, you'll receive a unique affiliate link to share with your followers, granting them a 15% discount at (one use per customer, cannot be combined with other discounts). This unique link is also your only means of earning sales commissions.
  • Where can I find my new affiliate sales link?
    Your new affiliate sales link can be found by logging into the Aspire Creator Portal, selecting the “Active Ambassador” project in the Project dropdown, and clicking on “View Sales Link” under the Tasks section. View our step-by-step guide for extra assistance.
  • How does the ambassador-only discount code work?
    As part of the CO Ambassadors program update, all ambassadors now get a 20% personal discount code for future orders. This code will be emailed to you in the same email as your gift link.
    This exclusive code is solely for your personal use; please refrain from sharing it. It's valid until 5/1/2025, excluding brands we love items, bundles, and gift cards. This discount can't be combined with other offers or applied to past orders.
  • Can I share my Ambassador Only Discount Code to my audience?
    No, this is an exclusive perk to being a part of the CO Ambassador Community. This code is unique to you and your personal purchases only so we ask that you please do not share this code.
  • The products I selected for my gift exceed my gift amount. Can I pay the difference through Aspire?
    Unfortunately, the way the program works, there is no way to pay the difference. Because of this, we have now added an Ambassador Only Discount Code to be used at to shop outside of your gift credit.
  • My gifting amount has changed significantly. Can you adjust to my old gifting amount?
    One major change we made with the program was restructuring the gifting amounts. Our gifting credit amounts are no longer based on the number of children or family size but on the number of followers on the Ambassador’s Instagram account.
    This change has been applied to everyone. We understand this can be a frustration and are working on improvements in the gifting amounts.
  • I am having trouble linking my Instagram insights with Aspire. Can you help?
    Visit the Aspire Troubleshooting page for steps to help link your account. If those steps do not help, please reach out to and include your email, Instagram handle, and name. They will be in contact to help you!
  • My product selection step still says "Waiting". Did I miss a step?
    Please make sure you have accepted the brief and linked your Instagram insights. If you did both steps, double-check that the email we have on file for you is the same email you logged into Aspire with.
    If you are still having issues or we have a different email on file for you, please reach out to us at
  • I still have commissions in Shopify Collabs. Will I be paid those still?
    Absolutely! We will be paying all Shopify Collabs commissions through PayPal in the next 2 weeks. Future commissions earned through Aspire will also be paid through PayPal.