September Give: Team Rubicon


In the last few weeks, many Afghan families have become refugees overnight. The wellbeing of women and children is in jeopardy across the country, and Colored Organics wanted to do everything we could to help these hurting families.

For our September Give, we partnered with Team Rubicon to help with resettlement services for Afghan families that have recently arrived in America. We are proud to donate baby and children's clothing to families that are starting from scratch in a new country.

Team Rubicon is working with military bases across the country to supply families with food, clothing, and more to make their temporary stay on the base as comfortable as possible. In addition to helping Afghan families, their teams are also responding to disasters across the world, including the most recent natural disasters in Haiti and the Gulf Coast.

We are proud to donate our soft, organic cotton clothing to an organization that works to make every day easier for children who have experience such trauma. To learn more, donate, or volunteer, visit theirwebsite.

Each month, Colored Organics donates to an organization helping families and children in need. To learn more about our past work, clickhere.