March Give: Emerge Mothers Academy


Photo courtesy of Emerge Twin Cities

In honor of Womens History Month, we're partnering with Emerge Mothers Academy. Based in the Twin Cities, this organization provides support to single mothers across our metro area.

Emerge Mothers Academy believes that mothers, in their healthiest and highest capacities, are instrumental in raising children. They also value the confidence mothers can display to their children as they grow into leaders. By offering four different types of services, Emerge provides financial loans, counseling, and workplace readiness skills for any mother in need.

emerge mothers

Photo courtesy ofEmerge Twin Cities

By empowering single mothers from the beginning, Emerge provides a foundation that these women can take with them through all of parenthood. Whether it's a MicroLoan Grant or parenting classes, Emerge gives invaluable support for local single mothers.

Colored Organics is proud to donate clothing to help these mothers care for their children with safe and organic materials. In addition to being surrounded by a community of safety and support, we're excited to be able to wrap these kiddos in love, too.

At Colored Organics, we’re honored to partner with such an expansive, incredible program to support single mothers. To learn more about Emerge Mothers Academy, visit their website.