March Feature


Our Partnership with Emergency Infant Services

This month we partnered with Emergency Infant Services (EIS), a non-profit organization that provides temporary assistance to thousands of children five and younger in the Tulsa, Oklahoma area each year. Colored Organics, is partnering with EIS, by donating youth and toddler clothing to assist those in need.

EIS is a non-profit organization that provides temporary assistance to children five and younger in the Tulsa area whose families are in financial crisis. They provide the most basic of needs: food, formula, clothing, and diapers, along with other children’s items. EIS provides support for thousands of infants and toddlers annually. They believe in providing families facing financial challenges with immediate help because a hungry child cannot wait.

EIS began helping Tulsa families on January 1, 1977. Through the caring, foresight and commitment of Linda Watts and other Tulsa leaders, the idea of EIS was conceived and brought to reality. The number of families served has increased steadily, and EIS is now in its fourth home with a second full-service location and a satellite location added to help serve more families throughout the city of Tulsa.

Today a disproportionate number of children in Oklahoma live in poverty. In fact, households with children under six are the most likely to live in poverty in Oklahoma. This is the exact group served at Emergency Infant Services. It is vital, to EIS, that the children have access to essentials during their first critical year of life so that they can grow into the productive citizens that our communities need. That's why, here at Colored Organics, we're so honored to be partnering with them and donating clothing to those in need.

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