July Give: Hope Supply Co.


This month, we're partnering with Hope Supply Co. to donate newborn clothing to homeless children in the Northern region of Texas.

Founded in 1989, Hope Supply Co. serves as a resource center to help meet the critical needs of children experiencing homelessness. Whether it's clothing, school supplies, or birthday presents, they have made it their mission to ensure every child in the area is cared for.

One of the most effective ways to break the cycle of homelessness is through education, which is why they provide everything from newborn diapers to school supplies for older children. Through a completely volunteer-basis, Hygiene and Birthday boxes are also created to give children of every age the warmth and care they deserve.

We are proud to donate our soft, organic cotton clothing to an organization that works to make every day easier for children experiencing homelessness. To learn more about how to contribute to these boxes, visit their website.

Each month, Colored Organics donates to an organization helping families and children in need. To learn more about our past work, clickhere.