February Give: Fellowship Housing


Photo thanks to Fellowship Housing

In a month meant for spreading love, we're thrilled to share Colored Organics goodies with the incredible single mamas at Fellowship Housing.

Beginning in 1991, Fellowship Housing set on a mission to empower single mothers to build a new legacy for their families. According to the National Center for Family Homelessness, women and children make up a majority of homeless families, often dealing with both physical and psychological abuse in their relationships.

Through Fellowship Housing, women are able to spend time in transitional housing while taking financial literacy courses, and begin building their path to independence. By the end of the program, 88% of women are able to move into housing of their choice, with many being financially stable enough to buy their own home.

Photo thanks to Fellowship Housing

Colored Organics is proud to donate clothing to the children living in Fellowship Housing's transitional homes. In addition to being surrounded by a community of safety and support, we're excited to be able to wrap these kiddos in love, too.

At Colored Organics, we’re honored to partner with such an expansive, incredible program to support single mothers. To learn more about Fellowship Housing, visit their website at fhcmoms.org.