December Give: WinterKids Foundation

A Print With A Purpose

Last month, we launched our Tahoe Collection, which included a special print with a purpose. The Ski Trails print was inspired by some of our favorite family memories and the red-nosed, sniffly joy that comes from a day spent on the slopes. With this print, we committed to donate 20% of the proceeds from each Ski Trails item to the WinterKids Foundation to help children foster healthy habits through outdoor winter activities.

Ski Trails Collection

With the launch of this exclusive print, we are happy to have donated a total of $6,528

WinterKids Foundation

Image courtesy of the WinterKids Foundation

The WinterKids Foundation was started in 1997 with the mission to help children and their families "enjoy healthy and fun outdoor winter lifestyles while nurturing a connection to the natural environment." 

They now run a variety of health education programs to keep kids active during the winter and throughout the rest of the year. 

We are proud to partner with such an incredible organization that is working to make outdoor experiences and winter fun more accessible to children throughout New England. To learn more, donate, or get involved, visit their website.

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