August Feature

During the month of August, we partnered with Door of Hope. Door of Hope helps equip families and children experiencing homelessness to rebuild their lives. They provide families with case management and other services to empower families to achieve the ultimate goal of finding and maintaining housing and providing a better future for their children. Colored Organics donated youth and baby clothing to help those in need in the Door of Hope program.

Since 1985, Door of Hope has been helping families escape homelessness and regain stability. They are one of the only homeless providers that can house any kind of family together, including single moms, single dads, two-parent families, together with their children. Keeping families together is the foundation upon which Door of Hope was founded.

Housing 25 families at a time, Door of Hope's transitional housing programs help families overcome the practical, emotional, and financial challenges they face and transition into permanent housing. Their comprehensive services are designed for the whole person and the whole family to permanently break the cycle of homelessness for this generation and the next.

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