Thankful + Grateful: Ways to Make Thanksgiving Cozy At Home

Every Thanksgiving, we know the drill. Pack up the kids, the baby bags, and the Tupperware filled to the brim with festive goodies to share. Whether it's heading over the river to Grandma's house or through the woods to visit in-laws, this season is usually one of travel for families around the country.

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But, like everything else this year, the Thanksgiving season will be different. Many of us won't be visiting with our older or at-risk relatives. Many will opt to stay home or keep their celebrations smaller.

Thanksgiving holds time-honored family traditions we can't wait to pass down to our children. Where's the fun in missing out on Grandpa's stories and Aunt Mary's pumpkin pie?

It's easy to get into a funk when thinking of the holidays this year. To run through all the things you'll be missing out on, and all of the experiences you won't be able to give your children this year. Especially for our new mamas out there--this might be your babe's first Thanksgiving!

Instead of fixating on what we won't have, here at Colored Organics our team is leaning into the season of giving thanks and looking at this year as an opportunity to start new traditions and take time in our little family units.

Even in a year as odd and difficult as 2020, we have SO much to be thankful for! More quality time at home with our kiddos, a chance to slow down, and maybe even pick up a few new hobbies or bread-baking skills.


Here’s a few ideas to making this Thanksgiving extra special, no matter how different it may feel.

Festive Zooms!

Tuning in to family dinner via webcam? Change your screen background to something festive and silly. Maybe your kids are floating among a bunch of turkeys? Making a video call special for your little ones is sure to bring giggles and fun conversation with the whole family, no matter where they are.

DIY Thanksgiving Day Parade

Snuggling up to watch Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade is a favorite for many, so why not take the parade curbside? This is a perfect opportunity for your kids to dress up in fun costumes, decorate their bikes (or, maybe even your car!) and take a neighborhood stroll in Thanksgiving attire. Your neighbors are sure to love a few toddler turkeys!

Photo courtesy of @hannahbusing via Unsplash

What I’m Thankful For…

Before diving into a home-cooked dinner, ask everyone at your table to share a few things they’re thankful for. Or maybe, have the kids create placemats where each guest can draw some of their answers! Often times, one small prompt can be enough to bring the family together to remind everyone the meaning of the season.


Things may feel different this year, but that doesn’t mean it won’t be a Thanksgiving to remember. It’s the perfect season to tune out the rest of the world and remember how much we have to smile about. We have our families, friends, and a warm place to call home.

Little Blaine is Thanksgiving-ready with our Classic Long Sleeve Bodysuit. Special thanks to @daniellekissack for the photo! 

Happy Thanksgiving from our Colored Organics family to yours! Have an extra slice of pie for us at your table. 😊

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