Tips for Prepping for a New Baby


Jen from @paisleyandsparrow is here to help with some amazing tips! She is one of our favorite local Minneapolis mamas. Be sure to follow her on Insta and her blog to get more awesome parenting advice!

You’re pregnant and about to bring a new bundle of joy home soon. I’m sure you’re feeling so excited to meet that little one growing inside you! But are you also feeling a little overwhelmed? Unsure about what to do to prepare?

Let’s help remove some of that stress and chat about some simple tips to prep for your new baby! As a mom of 3, I’ve learned a few things along the way, and here’s some of my expert advice!

Put together a new mom survival kit (or make your BFF or mom do it!)

When I was a new mom to our first baby, I was completely unaware of things like nipple shields, sitz baths, or Tucks pads! Yes, you’ll want adorable clothes to put on that new baby and soft blankets to cuddle them with, but you’ll also want to take care of you!

You’ll want items like Epsom salt, tucks pads, Preparation H, and peri bottles to take care of yourself postpartum.

You’ll also want to pick up nipple shells, nursing bras, and lactation tea if your nursing! Don’t forget about easy to grab snacks and a water bottle for nursing as well.

I have even more ideas for your new mom survival kit here if you need more ideas!

Take as many date nights as you can (or even a weekend away)

Once that new baby comes, heading out on a moment’s notice will be a thing of the past. That’s not to say date nights won’t happen but they’ll just require more planning!

The month leading up to our first baby, I randomly picked up my husband from work numerous times for last-minute date nights and it was so fun!

Go out for late-night dinners, enjoy a last-minute dessert at your favorite spot, or just spend some time together outside just the two of you.

Stock up on necessities

The week before my due date we always took a trip to Costco to stock up on things like toilet paper, paper towels, cleaner, cereal, etc. so we weren’t forced to go out if we didn’t want to!

If you have the space, get a few extra items to save you from heading out right after your baby arrives. And of course, don’t forget to make sure you have enough diapers and wipes for the first month!

Talk to another mom

Nervous about childbirth? Not sure about breastfeeding? Talk to a trusted friend (or your mom) about any fears or concerns you may have. Sometimes just having someone who can say “I’ve been there. You’re going to be ok.” can do wonders for your mental state.

Take time for you!

And lastly, pamper yourself a little bit! Once your sweet baby arrives there will be a bit less time for you so do some nice things for yourself before they arrive! Go get your hair done or get a pedicure. Go shopping and pick up some cute flowy tops to wear postpartum (we all know how sick of those maternity clothes you are!).

And of course, you’ll want to pack your hospital bag to prep for the big day! Don’t forget about you, mama!

I hope this helps your prep for your baby and removes some of the stress you might be feeling! If you want even more help prepping for your baby in your third trimester, check out this checklist for the whole family!

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-written by Jen of @paisleyandsparrow