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This Earth Day, it is more apparent than ever that our planet's health depends on businesses and the people that run them to make smarter, more sustainable choices to guide us toward a cleaner future for our little ones. At Colored Organics, the sustainable choice will always be the better choice for the planet, our children, and everyone involved. We're committed to providing high-quality organic cotton clothing, offering adorable and timeless pieces while minimizing the environmental cost. We strive to be transparent and open to ways to improve our operations and create a positive impact on our planet rather than a negative one. In celebration of Earth Day, we wanted to share some of the many ways we practice sustainability at CO and offer some of our favorite resources for giving your clothes the life they deserve.

It Starts With The Materials

Your little ones deserve the best, and that's why our clothing is made from ultra-soft 100% organic cotton. Not only is organic cotton softer and more gentle on your child's skin, but it also has a much lower environmental footprint than traditional cotton. Here are some of the reasons why we love organic cotton:

  • Organic cotton is never treated with pesticides or harmful chemicals, reducing pollution from runoff and keeping farmers and their communities safe.
  • The soil is nurtured for long-term use through sustainable farming practices, resulting in less water and energy use.
  • Our fabrics are dyed with natural, water-based dyes that are AZO & heavy-metal-free and are never treated with harsh chemicals like flame retardants. 

We don't stop at organic cotton, either. Even the smallest trim details on our garments, like the buttons and snaps we use, are made from coconut, wood, or nickel-free snaps. 

Colored Organics 100% Organic CottonOur Packaging

We also use recyclable and biodegradable materials for packaging and sending your Colored Organics goodies your way. Our poly mailers from EcoEnclose feature two tear and seal strips, so you can reuse them for future returns or shipments.

When you can't reuse them, recycle them! EcoEnclose poly mailers can be recycled anywhere that collects thin film materials. Check with your city's curbside recycling guidelines to see if they recycle thin film plastics, or use a resource like Earth911 to find a drop-off location near you. If thin-film recycling isn’t available in your city, EcoEnclose offers a Plastic Film Take Back Program. You can fill your poly mailer with other #2 or #4 plastics and mail it to them to recycle. You can find more information on the program here.

EcoEnclose recyclable polymailer

Giving Your Clothing A Second Life

When our kids are little, it can feel like we constantly buy new clothes for them with how fast they are growing. Colored Organics clothing is meant to last, which sometimes means they have much more life in them, even after your little ones grow out of them. 

Textile waste continues to pose a major threat to our environment, with over 16 million tons of clothing ending up in landfills yearly in the US alone. While many of us donate old clothes instead of throwing them away, according to the EPA, it's estimated that 84% of donated clothing still ends up in landfills. 

There are smarter ways to ensure our old clothing is given a second chance. With Upchoose, you can exchange your old organic cotton baby clothing for credits to spend on new clothing while your outgrown items get a second life with a new family. Another great option is the circular retailer, ManyMoons! Through their website, you can shop for new or used clothing with the option to buy or rent. When you buy, you receive a lifetime return credit worth 20% of the original purchase to extend the product's useful life. 

We recognize the important role of business as a force for good and are always looking for ways to improve our work. If you have any ideas for how we can continue to do good, contact us at!  

This Earth Day weekend, you can save $20 when you spend $100 or more at Colored Organics with code EARTH20.

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