Stay at Home Activities for Toddlers


Whether you’re pulling double duty and working from home with your littles in tow, or just trying to balance being a stay at home parent with this new stay-at-home lifestyle, making sure the little ones are occupied and content is a big part of a happy home during the quarantine. Here are some surefire activities that are bound to have the babes satisfied in no time!

Source: Tinker Lab

Paint with water

Not only is this activity super simple, but kids love it too! All you’ll need is a pan or bucket of water, paintbrushes, and/or sponges. That’s it- start painting! A deck or wooden fence outside works the best since it’ll darken with the touch of water.

Get up and dance!

Pull out Instagram and get ready to get down with Debbie Allen. Not only is she a legendary choreographer, but a blast to dance along with too. Debbie’s been hosting super fun Instagram Live dance classes, including a special one with self-quarantined little kids in mind! Who’s ready to shimmy and shake?!

Tune into At Home with Olaf

Walt Disney Animation Studios has been creating and releasing new “At Home with Olaf” short vignettes, created by Hyrum Osmond with Josh Gad returning as the voice of Olaf! Bonus? It was entirely produced from home! Such a cute and fun series to watch during this time at home.

Source: Disney

Check out Zero to Three

Zero to Three is one of the leading advocacy groups for babies and toddlers in the US and has seasonal activities to do with the kiddos for each month. Each month, Zero to Three lists creative ways to promote curiosity and encourage the development of language and motor skills. They even have a resource guide for parents during the pandemic.

When in doubt, make a sensory bin!

Sensory bins not only help littles explore and use their senses, but they are one of the easiest ways to keep toddlers occupied! Check out this super simple cereal sensory bin. You probably have most, if not all the things at home for the kids to play with!

Source: Twin Mom Refreshed

No matter what stay-home life is looking like in your house, just remember you're doing your best and that's enough! These are challenging times for everyone and it's okay to not have everything figured out, we're in this together and we'll get through it together!