Spring Cleaning With Kids


The temperatures are slowly rising, and so is the urge to open windows and let in that fresh spring air.

Something about a little extra sunlight and more time outside always makes us itch to refresh and reorganize. As a busy mama though, it can be tough to find time to check off your entire to-do list. So why not make it fun?

Photo by Katie Emslie on Unsplash

Here are a few of our favorite ideas to include your kiddos in a spring cleaning session. In addition to getting some extra helpers, you can use this valuable time as a moment to teach them a few organizing tips and tricks for their own play spaces.

1. Crank up the music and dance it out!

Our kids feed off our energy. If you're excited to get started on these tasks, they will follow! Having your favorite tunes on in the background can make vacuuming an instant tango across the living room. Plus, it's a great way to get a little energy out for our extra-squirrely friends.

2. Involve them in the decluttering process.

Marie Kondo, this one is for you. Spring cleaning often means purging items we no longer use, or clothes that may no longer fit our lifestyle. Have a dress you're unsure you should keep? Strut across your closet and let the kids help you decide.

Once it comes time to clean their own closets and playrooms, it's a great moment to discuss the idea of donating gently used items. It is usually much easier for children to part with special items if they know it will be well-loved by someone in need.

3. Out with the old, in with the new.

Often times after a purge of old items, there is a chance for refreshing our spaces. Whether it's letting them choose a new pillow for their bed, picking flowers for the table, or rearranging a room, there are plenty of easy ways to transform a space.

Oops, we didn't see you there--too busy cleaning! Photo by @the.monti.mama featuring our Torr Hoodie.

4. Celebrate!

Now that all of your work is finished, it's time to appreciate the time spent making those hard decisions together. Maybe this means celebrating with pizza night and a movie, or a trip to their favorite park. Either way, you can look forward to returning home to a lighter and airier home, free of winter clutter.

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