Sip and See: Shower Ideas for Pandemic Babes

2020 and 2021 have been a mess, but it hasn't all been bad. Many of us have been lucky enough to welcome a new baby into the world, too. Whether you're a first time mama or growing your family, one of the hardest parts about the pandemic was not being able to celebrate these monumental moments with those we love. 

A virtual baby shower is fun, but as the world is opening up, it's time to introduce our babes to the real world! Many "COVID moms" have experienced less than normal pregnancies, and at Colored Organics, we think it's time to celebrate you! 

Enter a new kind of baby shower, the "Sip and See." Since we've been apart for so long, a gathering of family and friends to meet your new babe is the perfect way to reunite. Here's a few ideas for making your get together both safe and special.

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Get Outside!

Everyone has a different level of comfort when it comes to COVID. By hosting your gathering outside, it helps ensure everyone you love will be able to attend. Plus, summer evenings and sunny brunches are a perfect way to take advantage of the season. 

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Create a Beverage Bar

Put a spin on the "SIP" in a sip and see. Getting creative with a variety of juices and mimosa combinations is a great interactive way to welcome your guests. Or, add a caffeinated touch by including hot and iced coffee with unique toppings.  Fresh cut fruit in water dispensers is another way to add a pop of color to your event. 

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Capture the Moment

For many, this will be their first time meeting your babe. Savor the moment with a DIY photo booth or disposable cameras sprinkled throughout your space. Including props or a fun background is a perfect way to get guests out of their shells and laughing together. Plus, you'll treasure these first moments of your child with friends and family for years to come.

Any way you celebrate, we wish you a season of big hugs and precious moments with those you love. Cheers to reintroducing our kiddos to the world! Looking for the perfect "meet the grandparents" outfit for your babe? Check out our new Garden Collection for the perfect summery set. 

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