Recycling Made Fun!


Getting creative! One of our CO moms came up with a "busy board" of household sensory items for her babe. Thanks to @lkoczan for the photo!

Spring is here, and so is Earth Month! To celebrate, we've come up with a few fun ideas to repurpose everyday materials into fun crafts, learning opportunities, and more.

One of the easiest ways to make your lifestyle more sustainable is by reusing items whenever possible. Plus, it can add creativity to an everyday task and create a wonderful teaching moment for our kiddos about caring for the Earth.

Here's a few of our favorite ideas to get you started:

Paper Bags for Paintings

Source: Pinterest

Reusable totes are always a go-to for running errands, but why not add style to a trusty grocery bag? This durable paper material makes a great canvas strong enough to handle paint, crayons, chalk, and let their creativity shine. These masterpieces can serve as spring art for your home or a fun reusable bag for the next run to the store.

Toilet Paper Rolls and Egg Cartons for Gardening

Source: Pinterest

The crafts that can be created with these two staples are endless and adorable. To get a head start on your spring garden, egg cartons can be a perfect and compostable staple. Whether you use them in actual gardening, or the kids paint a few flowers and cacti for a windowsill display, these are the perfect way to add color to your space.

Packaging From Deliveries

Source: Pinterest

If you're anything like us, you've likely been ordering items online more frequently since the pandemic began. While convenient, our packages can oftentimes come clad with many wasteful materials. At Colored Organics, we're proud to use 100% recycled packaging. However, for all of your other deliveries, bubble wrap is a kid-favorite for stomping, painting, and more! Leftover boxes also make the perfect building blocks for forts and castles.

Colored Organics believes in each of us doing our part to protect our Earth, and values sustainability in each of our production stages. What are some of the other easy ways you incorporate sustainable practices into your daily life with kids? We only have one mother Earth--let's take care of her!