Our Packaging & Sustainability


At Colored Organics, sustainability is a pillar of what we do. We understand that reducing waste and avoiding harmful chemicals in every part of our process is essential to (literally!) saving the world. From the moment our clothing is designed to delivery at your door, every step is sustainable.

Starting with cotton farming, our clothing is ethically produced using only 100% organic materials, which protects the farmers, their communities and our employees from harsh chemicals in their workplace.

As our goodies are shipped overseas, they are shipped in reusable shipping containers and minimal plastic is used to package. Any plastic that we do need is 100% recyclable and biodegradable.

Colored Organics Gift Bag

So you've got an order of Colored Organics on the way for your babe...now what? We're proud to offer some of the most durable and sustainable consumer packaging on the market.

The plastic bags that hold your clothing are also 100% recyclable and biodegradable. We also use Dura-Bag® mailers instead of cardboard boxes for a majority of our orders to ship items. While they aren’t recyclable due to the fiberglass reinforcement, they are made from sustainable and renewable paper and require less space and energy to ship than regular cardboard boxes.

Colored Organics Gift Bag Ways to Reuse

Looking to send Colored Organics as a gift? We've got you sustainably covered there, too. Our cloth gift bags are reusable and perfect to take along on your next play date or vacation. Plus, right now you can get a FREE gift bag with your $25 purchase. Just use code FREEGIFT at checkout!