Mom Feature: Meet Natasha


Motherhood might be the most difficult and rewarding job any of us will ever have. It's so much more than bringing kiddos to playdates and making sure everyone is in bed on time.

That's why we love to hear from the moms behind it all on daily life and the ups and downs that you face, plus all of the precious little moments. This month we're introducing you to Natasha, an event designer based in Minneapolis who talks about being a new mom and savoring the daily moments in her family of three.

Colored Organics Feature Mom with son

Tell us a little bit about yourself!

I’m Natasha, a first time mama to a handsome baby boy named Elijah. While I am not at home with my babes I am out photographing weddings as I am a Minnesota + Destination photographer and co-own an event decor company.

What’s the most rewarding thing about being a mom?

The most rewarding thing is the love and connection I develop with my baby boy. That bond is so rewarding. Also, finding joy in doing activities as a new family of 3.

What was the most surprising thing you discovered about being a mom?

I think the most surprising thing I have discovered as a mom is the change of lifestyle. It’s no longer just pick up and go whenever, but instead of having more of a routine and planning as often as possible.

What does self care mean to you? How do you take time for yourself and what does it look like?

Simply being able to enjoy a hot cup of coffee, whether it’s at home or at a coffee shop. Also, being able to wind down with a nice hot bubble bath at night.

What are some of your favorite activities to do with your son?

Our favorite activities are getting in our family snuggles and giggles in the morning, picnics at the park, trying new activities as a family, and of course we absolutely love our daily walks!

What mom chore/task/duty would you forever outsource?

Cleaning the house, hands down! Sometimes it’s hard to find the extra time for a nice deep cleaning but I feel like the atmosphere really affects the mood of the day so, a clean house is always a must especially since I work from home.

elijah in colored organics skylar footed sleeper

What’s your favorite outfit from Colored Organics?

Our favorite cozy piece we love and find Elijah always in is the Skylar Footed Sleeper. Another piece we never leave the house in is the classic knotted hat. We grew to love Colored Organics simply for how soft the material is!

What advice would you give to an expecting mama?

Enjoy all the moments, even the fussiness of the baby, the moments where you are tired because like they always say... they really do grow fast! It’s also important to allow yourself some grace and loads of self care!

To follow along with Natasha and her adorable babe, follow her on Instagram.