Mom Feature: Meet Lisa


Motherhood might be the most difficult and rewarding job any of us will ever have. It's so much more than bringing kiddos to playdates and sporting events, and making sure everyone is in bed on time.

That's why we love to hear from the moms behind it all on daily life and the ups and downs that you face, plus all of the precious little moments. This month we're introducing you to Lisa, a creative based in Virginia who talks about being a new mom amid a pandemic, and embracing the chaos.

Tell us about yourself!

Hello! I am Lisa Song, the creator of The Boho Birdie. I am a mother of an adorable 1 year old son and wife to a US Army Officer. I am a true momtrepreneur - photographer by trade and a digital content creator. I am so lucky I have been able to marry all of my passions into one creative outlet. I am inspired by people, food, bohemian living spaces, and wellness of the body/mind/soul. I hope to create an organic and sound life for my family and little one to live by example.

What’s the most rewarding thing about being a mom?

I think that in my chaos of things, we tend to overlook the small moments. The little hand grabbing your shirt, the open mouth kisses, the endless holding and rocking. The most rewarding part of motherhood has been building that irreplaceable bond between mother and son. The kind that your mama "spidey senses" tell you when somethings off, and when you are the only one that can soothe them.

What was the most surprising thing you discovered about being a mom?

I'm surprised by the things I thought that would bother me versus the things that don't. Normally I am a pretty organized and neat person, but I had to reprioritize my time, obviously putting my son first. And when it came to the end of the day, my tank was empty so guess what? That mess can wait! This pretty much applied in all aspects of my life, but it slowly getting back to normal as he gets older!

What does self care mean to you? How do you take time for yourself and what does it look like?

Self care is so important for my wellbeing and mental state. I definitely suffered from PPD in the earlier months and with the expected struggles of being new parents, we also were living through a global pandemic. This definitely would break any soul.

For me, selfcare is showering, washing my hair, lathering lotion all over my body, and applying self-tanner on once a week! This ritual has boosted my energy and self confidence especially when I’m feeling like a blob. I also try to keep up with my skincare regimen daily. I think whatever your selfcare is - its about putting yourself first for a few minutes out of your day to keep your sanity.

What are some of your favorite activities to do with your babes?

Lately we’ve been loving cars and balls--anything that rolls really! We have been playing catch and it has been such a delight seeing him build on those motor skill connections and learning something new everyday!

What mom chore/task/duty would you forever outsource?

LAUNDRY (period).

What’s your favorite cozy piece from Colored Organics? Favorite thing about Colored Organics?

We have been loving the ginger peak set - it is beyond soft! I love Colored Organics because of the quality you get knowing that it is organic, sustainable, and ethically made.

What advice would you give to an expecting mama?

The days are long and hard, but the months and years go by so fast! Soak it all in!

To follow along with Lisa and her adorable babe, visit The Boho Birdie.