Featured Moms: Meet RachelAnne


A big part of why we love what we do is seeing your stories unfold, and recognizing the mom's that make it all happen. We're so excited to be introducing a new section on our blog that features YOU, the moms behind the scenes. From sweet snuggles with babe, to honest and hard questions, we're letting you in behind the scenes of some of our favorite CO mom's. First up, we're featuring RachelAnne, an avid antiquer, and mom of three living on a little farm in Georgia. Without further ado meet RachelAnne!

Tell us a little about yourself!

I’m RachelAnne! Mama to three little sweet peas who constantly keep me on my toes. We live on a tiny little farm just a bit north of the busy city of Atlanta. I grew up always wishing to live on a farm, so this is kind of my dream come true!

Favorite thing about being a mama?

My favorite thing about being a mama is getting to watch them all interact. Sometimes it’s sweet gentle interactions and other times I’m having to referee between who had the blocks first before it becomes an all-out toddler-style battle.

So sweet! What's the hardest thing about being a mom?

Not being able to help them with everything they deal with as they discover new emotions and learn new skills is possibly one of the hardest parts of parenting.

What’s your favorite thing about Colored Organics?

The fabric is amazing and the nostalgia because our youngest has been wearing Colored Organics since birth.

What's your favoritecozy item at Colored Organics?

The wrap onesies (kimonos) are to die for. Would hands down say this is a staple in Storey’s wardrobe right now.

Our kimonos are one of our favorites too! What's been bringing you joy? What does self-care look like for you?

Self-care to me is an early night in bed to just relax and catch up some books I’ve been reading or watch something silly on Netflix. Self-care used to look a little different, but these days it’s the simple pleasures that are the best.

Love that! How do you make time for yourself and what does that look like?

If I’m really struggling, I’ll ask the kids to each do separate activities in different rooms and I’ll find some simple toys to entertain the baby and brew myself a cup of tea. I’ll sit there and watch them learning to play by themselves and finish my cup of tea and then dive back into us all playing together.

What are some of your favorite activities to do with your kids?

In this season, we love to just all cuddle up and read a good book. Harvest is almost reading, so she asks a million questions about the sounds letters make and tries to read simple words. Asher looks at the colorful pictures and asks why the superhero or the dog’s hair is a certain color in the book. And Storey just likes trying to pry the book out of my hand, so sometimes she will be holding her own little book but still sit there and enjoy with us.

Aww!! If you could have one night out with a free and trustworthy babysitter, what would you do?

Fortunately, we have family close by, so we get to live this frequently. I love when my husband and I get to go out to get tea and just walk around town with no babies in tow. And then I beg him to take me to a thrift store, and I oblige when he asks if we can go to the computer (or whatever you call it) store, afterwards.

What mom chore would you forever outsource?

We *just* got a sweet girl to come in and take care of vacuuming, dusting, and bathrooms. Worth her weight in gold for the feeling of the house being clean and me getting to be with my kids longer.

Anything for more time with those sweet babes! 🥰 What advice would you give to an expecting mother?

Every mama should know that life ebbs and flows in busyness with children. Some seasons they are so needy, and in the seasons where they are independent in certain things, you’ll kind of miss those old seasons. Every day is "the good ole’ days”. You don’t have to love being sleep deprived or enjoy screaming babies *but* you’ll learn to embrace the person you’re becoming through those moments.

To follow along with RachelAnne and her babes, check out her Instagram.