May Give: The Planet Bee Foundation


A Print With A Purpose

In April, we launched our Meadow Collection, which included a special print with a purpose. The Bee print was created to celebrate the sweet but hardworking honey bee and the vital role they play in making our world a more beautiful and delicious place. With this print, we committed to donating 20% of the proceeds from each Bee item to the The Planet Bee Foundation to protect these tiny creatures and the environment they thrive in.

A Print With A Purpose: The Bee Print

With the launch of this exclusive print, we are happy to have donated a total of$5,341.60.

The Planet Bee Foundation

Image courtesy of the Planet Bee Foundation.

The Planet Bee Foundation is committed to creating a "green-minded" generation by teaching about the importance of bees to conservation, innovations in agriculture, and STEM. They lead a variety of programs in US and Canadian schools and nonprofits.

The foundation was started by a husband and wife team who found a hobby in backyard beekeeping. They grew concerned about the threats to bee populations and the consequent impacts on our agricultural products, and set out to teach their community about the importance of these small but mighty creatures. In the spirit of social justice, all of their programs come at no cost to schools and nonprofits so that all can join in the work to protect the bees and their habitat.

We are proud to partner with an incredible organization that is working to educate communities across North America about bees and the vital role they play in our ecosystems. To learn more, donate, or get involved, visit their website.

Bee Collection Infographic