Introducing KENDI by Colored Organics


After more than a year in development, Colored Organics proudly presents our latest collection of premium items under the KENDI label. Following the successful launch of our KENDI toy line, we are excited to extend the KENDI brand to a broader selection of products, including clothing and accessories. Customers can expect the same high-quality designs, heirloom durability, and ethical standards that they have come to know and love from Colored Organics. KENDI products are designed to complement our existing collections seamlessly and will be available for purchase alongside Colored Organics offerings on

Frequently Asked Questions

Is KENDI the same as Colored Organics?

KENDI is a collection by Colored Organics of premium toys, clothing and accessories.

What products are KENDI?

To shop KENDI products, click here.

Are KENDI items organic?

KENDI products are designed with heirloom durability, ethical standards, and use eco friendly materials. As KENDI offers a large variety of product types, please reference the description for more details or email our team here.

Can I use my Colored Organics reward coins towards KENDI products?

Yes, you can use your Colored Organics reward coins towards KENDI products. To learn more about the Rewards Program, visit our FAQ page.

Will my shipping package be labeled as KENDI?

All shipping packages will have the Colored Organics logo and branding displayed on it.

Are KENDI items included in promotions?

Yes, KENDI items will be included in sales promotions unless noted.

Can I return KENDI products?

The return policy for all KENDI products will be the same as Colored Organics products. To read more on our return policy, exchanges, and refund, visit our FAQ page.

How can I tell if a clothing product is KENDI or Colored Organics?

KENDI products will display the KENDI logo on all hangtags and clothing tags as pictured above. Products that are Colored Organics will display the CO logo on all hangtags and clothing tags.

KENDI by Colored Organics

If you have more questions about KENDI by Colored Organics, feature KENDI in your shop or have a question about your KENDI order, please email our team here.