How To Practice Daily Gratitude With Your Kids


Feature Image: Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash

The Thanksgiving season is upon us, and this often brings an opportunity for us to slow down and reflect on what we're grateful for. In the flurry of the holiday season, it's easy to get caught up in day-to-day tasks and lose perspective on the wonderful things in our lives.

Practicing gratitude is something that stretches beyond one day in November, and has been proven to improve physical and psychological health. Count us in!

So, how do we share this skill with our littlest family members? By making this practice part of your daily life, you'll see this habit transform not only the way you see the world, but your childrens' perspectives, too.

Here are a few easy ways to get started:

Start a one-line gratitude journal.

Every morning or evening, each family member can share something they're grateful for. The littlest family members can have older siblings or parents write their answers. Give every child their own notebook, where they can draw, write, and share their little joys. Plus, this will be a precious keepsake for decades to come as your journals build from year to year.

Give a compliment.

Each day, make it a habit for each family member to give a compliment to their sibling, parent, or a total stranger! By thinking about the many wonderful things others do for us, we can share this appreciation in small, regular doses through compliments. And, complimenting a stranger is a perfect way to make their day!

Write Thank You Notes

The best way to teach our children to give thanks is to actually give it! Thank You notes are a crafty and creative way to share gratitude with others. Whether it's for a birthday gift or a great school year, sharing regular thank-you notes with people in your family's life teaches a lifelong habit of giving thanks. To make the tradition special, let each child choose what kind of note they would like to send, and to whom. Make it a monthly activity that they can look forward to every week.

The "No Complain" Game

In a final challenging yet important exercise, try and see how long each kiddo can go without complaining! We know, this one might be tricky for our tired and hungry babes. However, making it into a game can add a fun twist to this conflict-resolution trick. Being mindful of how often we complain can help us change our everyday outlook on life.

Cheers to a season of being grateful and connecting with friends and family. Happy Thanksgiving from Colored Organics!