Featured Mom: Meet Emma


Featuring the moms that are the true heroes behind the scenes is one of our favorite things to do here on the Colored Organics blog! Each mama has a different and unique story to share and we love to hear from these amazing women on their perspective of motherhood and the ups and downs they experience. We're letting you in behind the scenes with CO mom Emma, a sweet mama of two and lover of breve cappuccinos, linen, and spring.

Introduce yourself, Emma!

I'm the mama to two under two, Georgia (2 years old) and Eoin (4 months old!) They were both born in March. I stay at home most days but I also work for my mom as an office manager. She is a Midwife and caught both of my babies! I was homeschooled and come from a big family. My husband was too and is from an even bigger family. My passion has always been photography but I love writing as well. Creativity speaks to my soul and is the way that I, as an introvert, recharge.

What do you think is the most rewarding part about being a mom?

This is so hard to answer! I have to say, having two little beings that love me so much and want to be with me is just so precious. Every morning my daughter joins us in bed while Eoin nurses and snuggles and I never want to forget those moments. I also love watching them learn new things and grow. They make me so proud!

What was the most surprising thing you discovered about being a mom?

How many different opinions there are out there on how you should do things! Like how your kids should sleep, how you should feed them, how their schedule should be. I've always been independent and just done my own thing. In motherhood, I've had to drown those opinions out and listen to my gut feeling. It can be hard at times for me to do that because I become anxious that I'm not doing something the "right" way. Whenever I've gone with my gut, however, everything has worked out. You know your kids the best!

How do you manage to get in time for you (and your hubby?)

My hubby and I made a point to have an at home date night every Monday night, which has been lovely. However, for every other day, once my daughter is in bed, he has his own time and I have mine. I usually nurse Eoin to sleep and then drink a glass of wine, watch some TV, read a book, or take a bath. That time is essential for me to feel a little bit more myself and for me to recharge. Lighting a candle, slipping into comfy PJs, eating a snack too… all of those things help me to relax!

Love it! What are some of your go-to activities to do with your babes?

Both of my children love being read to, and I absolutely love reading to them. We have a lot of books around and we read in the morning, before naptime, before bedtime, and any time in-between! I also love getting out play-doh or coloring books or chalk for Georgia because she enjoys those things so much and her joy brings me joy.

If you could outsource any chore what would it be?

Making dinner! I do not enjoy cooking, and it always feels like when it's time to cook, both my children HAVE to have their mama. Thankfully, my husband enjoys cooking and he has been making a lot of the meals recently! But if I never had to cook dinner again, I'd be pretty happy haha!

Your favorite cozy item at Colored Organics?

I love your sleepers! I'm weirdly obsessed with pajamas and I can't resist buying comfy and cute ones for my kids. I think they are just so cute in jammies, and I love the colors and prints that you all have, as well as how soft they are! Plus the material is so soft and durable, I know that each piece will be passed on through the 6 kids we hope to have! 😉

What is something that having a child has taught you?

Selflessness. And I'm constantly relearning it. Having to give up all my time, my energy, my attention, my body, my future, to my children. It was so hard for me at first when I was pregnant with Georgia because I felt that I had no control, that this child was taking over my body inside of me and I had to just trust God with the process. I think part of it is because I got married young and had Georgia at 21. Sometimes I think about how I won't have the fun 20s that a lot of single people do. But of course, it is SO worth it. I look at my children and they are my WORLD.

What advice would you give to an expecting mother?

Be present and just enjoy the time being pregnant. I always have a hard time with that - I get morning sickness, I ache, I feel huge, and I'm always tired. I'm not one of those people who enjoy being pregnant. However, after both babies were born, I missed it immediately! I missed the moments when the baby was kicking, or before Eoin was born, the sweet moments when it was just Georgia and I.

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