Earth Day: Fun Activities to Care For Our Planet


Happy Earth Day! 🌎Here at Colored Organics, we believe in taking care of our planet. That’s why being honest, ethical, and eco-friendly are our core values. Read below to learn some of the ways we are taking care of our home and planet:

  • We are 100% organic cotton! Organic cotton isn’t just softer, it’s better! For you and for everyone involved. We believe in organic cotton production because it's not only better for you, but for the environment too!
  • Our packaging is eco-friendly, mindfully made and delivered to your doorstep! Colored Organic's packaging and hangtags are made from recycled paper, and our clothing bags are biodegradable, reducing the footprint we leave on our planet.
  • Giving back is at the heart of everything we do at Colored Organics. We donate each month to charities and non-profit organizations in need, hoping to positively impact the lives of children. With your continued support, we're making a difference in children's lives all around the world!


    Get Involved!

    Now it's your turn. We're sharing some fun and eco-friendly ways for you to get involved! From planting a tree to making crafts with recycled materials, there are lots of fun and informative activities to do with the kids!

    Plant a Tree

    Trees provide us with many benefits so no wonder it's such a popular activity for Earth Day. Trees help us reduce energy consumption by breaking winter winds and providing shade in the summer, they provide shelter for birds and other animals, and they improve air quality and reduce greenhouse gasses by absorbing carbon dioxide.

    Go On a Nature Walk

    Take the kids and get outdoors in nature this Earth day! Go for a walk around your local park, check out a State park nearby or just tour the neighborhood and breathe in that fresh air!

    Have a Car Free Day

    Make a pact with your family to go without your car for the day- or longer! Go for a bike ride or scooter around town instead of using your car. Bonus? You're getting outside and breathing in some fresh air!

    Plant a Seed

    Get an egg carton and make starter plants indoors. Fill the carton with dirt, and whatever plant seed you want to see grow. Let the kids be in charge of choosing the seeds and watering them. It's such a fun way to learn about different types of plants. Who knows, maybe you've even got a little gardener on your hands!

    Source: Gardening Know How

    Build a Bird Feeder

    Buy a kit or make a bird feeder from scratch. Here are some great ideas to help you get started! You and your kids are bound to have blast building together and watching all the different types of birds that visit your yard!

    Clean Up Your Neighborhood

    Get outside and clean up your neighborhood all while practicing social distancing! This is a great way to help the environment and your local community, and you can even make a game out of it! See who can pick up the most garbage and recyclables! Bonus? This helps reinforce kids not to litter too! P.s. don't forget to wear gloves.

    Practically Functional

    Have a Scavenger Hunt

    Creating a list, as seen here, where the kids can get outside and search for things in nature is a great way to celebrate Earth Day and learn more about the outdoors! Bonus? It's an awesome way to work in the topic of taking care of the planet while having some fun. Here's another great list to hunt from!

    Eat Some Dirt!!

    Okay, okay maybe not real dirt, but dirt cups full of pudding and gummy worms is a delicious and fun way to celebrate Earth Day. Check out Mothering with Creativity for a great and easy recipe to make with the kids!

    Source: Neighbor Food

    Make Crafts with Recycled Materials

    No need to go to the store to find art and crafts supplies when there are plenty of things to use in the home. Get creative with your recyclables at home and make some crafts with the kids! Here's a super cute upcycled suncatcher idea or check out this flower craft to make with the kids! Need more ideas? Click here.

    Source: Books and Giggles

    We want to hear from you this Earth Day! What are some of your favorite ways to celebrate Earth Day? Let us know in the comments below! 💕Psst. To celebrate Earth Day use code EARTH22 and get 22% off your purchase.