CO Mom Feature: World Edition - Meet Anna


Motherhood is a journey as unique as you are. Here at Colored Organics, we love to unite you together, even if it's only virtually, to share some wisdom and camaraderie on the rollercoaster journey of parenting. We are thrilled to take our CO Mom Features overseas and share stories of motherhood across the globe. For this month's feature, we are excited to introduce you to Anna and her two little ones, Finn and Cornelia, from Sweden!

What is your favorite part about living in Sweden?

That's a hard question, but after living abroad it must be being close to family and friends. Something else I really approve here is the nature and all the forests. I love living close to the woods and lakes! It feels like a lovely place for my kids to grow up!

What language(s) do you and your family speak? What language do you want your children to learn as they grow?

We do speak Swedish at home, but Finn only watches English and American things on YouTube, plus he goes to English class once a week at nursery. I would love for both Cornelia and Finn to learn lots of languages! I just think it's good and Jimmy and I have just started to learn French... It's so fun with languages!


What aspects of Sweden's culture are you most hoping for your children to experience?

That must be that everybody gets the chance to go to good schools and universities here in Sweden... So maybe get a good education? We also have "allemansrätten", which means that you as a person have the right to walk "everywhere" - you can walk in the forest, woods and wherever you like (except in someone's garden of course!)

Are there any unique cultural norms there when it comes to raising an infant that might seem foreign to other countries?

Hmm, I really don't know... I think it might be more accepted for mothers to work and maybe not breastfeed? I felt more pressure to breastfeed Finn when I had him back in England. Now when I had Cornelia here in Sweden it felt more like that was okay (not to be breastfeeding). However, that might just be a generation thing and I do feel some "eyes on me" when I bottle feed Cornelia. Another thing I've noticed here in Sweden is that people don't talk much about SIDS and people do let their babies sleep with blankets, soft toys and pillows... For me (who had a baby abroad) that's just a no. I can't understand it and it's something I've discussed with my Swedish friends (mothers) - they just don't feel that there's a need to worry that much. I still go with the "English" way.


What values of life in Sweden do you want to instill in your children?

Appreciate nature, take the chance when you get it and be kind! We are also pretty good at thinking in “sustainable” ways in Sweden, which they implement from the early age in school… This is something I love for them to keep close to their hearts - thinking of future generations!

You have a whole day with you + your kids to explore your city. What’s on your dream agenda?

I would start the day with a hotel breakfast, then visit our local castle and go to a little farm for the kids to pet the animals, have a lunch in the sun and then take a stroll by the seaside… Ice-cream at the town city and then end the day at home in the garden with a bbq.

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