Building a Kid-Friendly Garden


The ground has finally thawed enough that we can consider gardening here in Minnesota, and we can't wait to get started. Gardening is a project that can involve the whole family, and will give your yard a few beautiful and delicious extra perks throughout the season.

One of the best ways to get outside with your kiddos is to build a garden together. Plus, who doesn't love getting their hands dirty?!

Ready to go in our Portland Pullover and Cruz Joggers! Special thanks to @shopchicke for this photo.

Here are a few ideas to get your gardening project started:

1. Plan Together

Choosing ahead of time what kinds of flowers and edible plants you want in your garden is a perfect way to learn about the environment around us. What's local to your climate? Is there a favorite family dinner that would benefit from fresh herbs? Each child can select a flower in their favorite color to give your garden a special, personal touch.

Photo by Paige Cody on Unsplash

2. Dig In!

The plan has been made. The seeds and supplies are chosen. It's time to dig in! There are so many sensory aspects to gardening, and this is a wonderful opportunity for even our littlest ones to practice motor skills with digging, planting, and watering. Plus, after a day of hard work, they'll be tuckered out and ready to cuddle!

How adorable are these homemade plant labels?! Photo courtesy of Pinterest.

3. Maintain

Throughout the spring and summer, watering and weeding will be an often-needed task to keep your garden in tip top shape. This is a perfect opportunity to establish responsibility for each of your children. They'll learn the value of committing to a project, and tasting the sweet rewards throughout the summer. A day of painting stones as decoration for the garden is another way to incorporate adorable keepsakes into your summer. Maybe a few yummy recipes can be created from your garden, too!

We can't wait to see what blossoms for you throughout the season! Plus, our newly released Garden Collection includes springy outfits to make the moment even more adorable. What's your favorite plant to add to a garden? Comment below!

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