8 Fun Activities for Toddlers during the Winter


Winter blues got you down? Don’t worry- we’ve got some fun ideas up our sleeves to pass the time away in the colder months.

Make paper snowflakes

Grab some paper, a pair of scissors and help the kiddos cut out snowflakes to hang around the house. Feeling extra creative? Add glitter or stickers to decorate!

Build a fort

This idea is giving us all the cozy vibes and can be so easy to throw together! Just pull some sheets out, grab extra blankets and pillows and start putting a makeshift fort together in front of the tv in the living room. Snuggle on in and put on your toddler's favorite movie. Don’t forget the Christmas lights to make the experience extra magical! P.s. Click here to learn about the importance of making forts at a young age.

Visit your local library

Head to your local library and check out some books on winter themes. Once you’ve all got a different set of books, head home with your collection and take turns reading your books to each other.

Play dress-up

We’ve never met a toddler who doesn’t love to get dressed up as their favorite movie or tv character. Don't have any costumes on hand? Check out this blog post on some cute handmade costumes from items around the house! Once they're all dress up, prompt the kids with some fun ideas; a tea party or fun game of cops and robbers and let their imagination soar from there!

Make cookies

Christmas may be over but making cookies is always a good idea! Grab a stepping stool so the kids can help with adding the ingredients and then let them take turns stirring and flattening the dough. Once you have it all flattened out, take some shape cutters and let the kids use their favorite shapes to cut out the cookies. These adorable melted snowman cookies are such a cute idea! Bake the cookies, let them cool and decorate! Last but not least- eat your delicious creations!

Build a Sensory Bin

We love this learning and developmental activity that will appeal to your younger child’s senses. Fill a couple of boxes or bins with objects from around the home – as long as it is safe and child-friendly, of course. You can then let your little one begin to explore and discover all these things. Here are a few cute winter-themed sensory bin ideas!

Make art in the snow

Once you’re in your warm gear head out into the cold and help your toddler make shapes in the snow with their mittens or a stick. Scavenge for small items and let them add it to their artwork. Such a great way for kids to use their imagination and spend time together as a family.

Have a cozy snow day in

Snowed in? Make the most of it! Spend all day in your pj's, bring out the popcorn, have a marathon of your kid's favorite tv show. Make sure to grab extra blankets and pillows for extra coziness and snuggle up on the couch!

Regardless of which activity you do, it's bound to be a fun time! Don't forget to add hot cocoa with extra marshmallows!