Fun Fall Activities to do with your Toddler


The leaves are falling and there's a crispness in the air; fall is finally here and in full swing! Today on the blog, we've got some surefire ways to be having a spooky season blast with your kiddos in no time!


If you love simple activities to keep your littles entertained and occupied, this one is right up your alley! All you need is scissors and a brown paper bag to make the trunk, and clear contact paper, fabric leaves, and tap for the top! Create the trunk out of the paper bag, then cut a big circle or oval out of the contact paper for your babe to apply the leaves. Finally, encourage your kiddo to stick the leaves upon the tree, and take them down! Chat about how the leaves change colors and even make a game out of it and count the leaves!


The pumpkin craze has begun and to celebrate create some cute and fun fall musical instruments! You'll need paper plates, orange paint, a paintbrush, items to shake like beans or buttons, a stapler or glue, and brown and green construction paper for the leaf and stem! Have your kiddos paint the pumpkins orange, and even make cute designs to create a jack 'o lantern! Next, add the buttons or beans, staple the plates together, and wah-lah! Your kids will have some cute and festive musical instruments to play with!


If you don't have enough leaves outdoors for your littles to play in, here's a great activity to keep them occupied! Scatter fabric leaves and get a little plastic rake and let them rake the leaves up and toss around. So simple, but an easy way to play the day away!


This sensory bag is a great way to not only celebrate fall but also to encourage letter recognition and formation! With a couple of materials, your little will be playing and discovering more about the insides of pumpkins in no time! All you need is a gallon freezer bag, pumpkin guts, and a permanent marker to draw the letter "P" on the bag! Put the pumpkin guts in the bag and draw the letter "P" for pumpkin. Writing the letter "P" will allow your littles to practice building and tracing the letter P in this activity when playing and feeling the insides of the pumpkin! Super simple and a creative way to learn!

Well there you have it; a few simple and fun activities for the littles during this festive fall season! Make sure to follow us onInstagramand tag us if you tried any of these activities and if you're looking for more check out this page! Have fun and happy fall y'all! 🍁