3 Reasons We Love Organic Cotton


Colored Organics began out of necessity. Where were the fun, colorful, and ethically produced clothes for our kiddos? Our founder, Amanda, decided to do something about it. And so, Colored Organics was born to help outfit not only her own family in ethically produced organic products, but children around the world.

From the start, our driving goal was to produce every single item as mindfully as possible, and we knew going organic was the best way to start. From the farm, to the factory, to your family, we take pride in our products every step of the way. There are countless benefits to organic clothing, but here are three of our favorites:

It’s grown naturally and without harmful chemicals

Our cotton is grown by using safe farming methods to preserve the soil and eliminate pesticides. In turn, this protects the health of the community members living where the cotton is grown.Testimonial from Lindsey

It's sustainable

Not only is our cotton safer for those who farm it, it’s also sustainable for the environment. Cutting out these toxic chemicals keeps in our factories and production process makes our planet’s water and air cleaner than other “fast fashion” labels.
Testimonial from Maryam

It’s soft. Like, really soft.

One of the first things families rave about is how gentle and soft our fabric is. Since our clothing is organic cotton, it is free of any harmful and unnecessary chemicals. We want to be as gentle as you are with their skin. With cotton this high quality, our pieces are built to last through every play date.
Testimonial from Megs

We’re driven by our values to ethically produce clothing and help children in need, and we know our customers are, too. We believe the benefits of Organic Clothing shouldn’t be only for a select group of kiddos, which is why every year, we give away thousands of dollars in Colored Organics product to children in need across the country. It’s our mission to make a positive impact in the lives of our staff, customers, and those in need within our community.

For some of us, the fact that our clothing is organic is simply a bonus to the adorable adds you have in your babe’s wardrobe. For others, it’s the driving factor in your purchasing decision. We’re here for you either way, producing safe and adorable clothing from the farm, to our factory, directly to your family.