3 Easy Halloween Traditions to Start with Your Family


Feature Image: Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash

It's the season of tricks, treats, and costumes galore! Happy Halloween from Colored Organics!

October is one of our favorite months to enjoy crisp autumn weather, cozy up on the couch with our kiddos, and use our imaginations to create the cutest costumes the neighborhood has ever seen.

So, how do you make this Halloween stand out from the rest? We've got a few simple tips to make this spooky holiday one they'll remember for years to come.

1. Make a signature trick-or-treat meal

It's almost time for the biggest sugar rush of the year, so send your kiddos out with a stomach full of quality food. As the weather cools, a hearty soup or warm stew is a perfect way to pack in veggies to a cozy cup. Add a fun Halloween-themed twist with this Bat Wing Soup or these playful Ham and Cheese Spiders. Your family will be counting the days until next year when they can have these fun dishes again!

2. Create special treats for your Halloween crew

Headed out with the neighbor kids or a few best friends to hunt for candy? A few days beforehand, make a craft out of creating Trick-or-Treat packages to share with your closest friends. These could include a special note or drawing from your babes, and a little extra candy for a sweet surprise. Your kids will have fun giving out these special gifts before the night begins.

3. Candy Sorting and Trading

One of the best parts of the night is counting up your bounty and marveling at all of the goodies you've collected through the night. To add an educational twist to sorting through candy, think of unique ways to classify each sweet. For alphabet-learners, this could mean putting all candies that start with "M" together. Afterward, let the bargaining begin! We'll trade you three Snickers Bars for 5 Starbursts--we can't get enough!

No matter how you celebrate the spooky season, we wish you an evening of sweets, treats, and snuggles with your babes. Looking for easy layers to keep them warm on the big night? Shop our bodysuits, pullovers, leggings and more. Happy Halloween!