Organic Baby  Brands We ♥︎ | Wooden Peg Puzzle

SKU: 78155


Organic Baby  Brands We ♥︎ | Wooden Peg Puzzle

SKU: 78155

Color: Natural

Clover and Birch Wooden Peg Puzzle

This Peg Puzzle toy is an heirloom piece that will surely be passed from one generation to the next. The various sizes of the rounded pegs create endless opportunities for exploration and pattern recognition. While your little one enjoys their Clover + Birch peg game, they will also be honing in on their fine motor skills and hand eye coordination.

  • Each wooden Peg Puzzle Toy is created from locally sourced spalted poplar
  • Features smooth rounded edges and is polished with organic coconut oil 
  • Measures six inches by six inches and is two inches tall
  • The graduated peg pieces measure five inches, four and one quarter inches, and three and a half inches. 

Care instructions

  • hand wash with hot water and a mild soap
  • do not submerge




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